How to Play PS4 On Laptop Screen With HDMI

Are you a gamer? If yes, then cheer up folks, because we are getting to inform you how to play PS4 on a laptop screen with HDMI as every gamer likes to play games on his laptop due to several factors like the ease and feasibility more.

This article will guide you regarding playing PS4 on your laptop. Remember one thing that playing PS4 on your computer may be a bit daunting task. HDMI may be a unidirectional wire, unlike a bidirectional wire. It might indirectly connect your laptop with PS4. Connection an HDMI wire, together with your computer, won’t prepare your computer for enjoying PS4 as HDMI act as an output port for both laptops also as HDMI.

So connecting both laptops and PS4 won’t allow you to fulfill specific requirements anywhere.

Way to Play PS4 on Laptop Screen with the use of HDMI

We are getting to discuss two different methods that will guide you on the way to play PS4 on a laptop screen with HDMI easily.

But the foremost important thing is you’ve got to follow the steps carefully so that playing PS4 on your laptop will become a sort of a piece of cake for you.

Multiple ways that “how to play PS4 on a laptop screen with HDMI”

Solution for enjoying PS4 on your laptop are discussed below:

1. Using Video Capture Card:

Playing PS4 on your laptop employing a video capture card may be a simple technique that needs a touch exertion yet a detriment to your wallet.

The following are the items required to use this technique:

  • Laptop
  • Video Capture Card
  • Internet (WIFI or Ethernet)
  • File sharing enabled
  • The dual-functioning HDMI cable

After getting the specified belongings, you can follow the steps given below so you’ll quickly found out your computer for enjoying PS4.

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Step 1: Checking the Connections:

Firstly you’ve got to enable file-sharing for this purpose, open settings within the PS4 menu where you’ve got to look for network settings.

Now open the web settings, connect your devices to an online connection. If you’re using Ethernet, you’ve got to attach both your laptop also as PS4 to an equivalent router using coaxial cable.

After that, you’ll smoothly stream between laptop and PS4.

Step 2: Installing the software:

In this step, you’ve got to attach the video capture card with your laptop using the USB port, which forms an S-video connection. you’ve got to put in the software that comes along the video capture card on your computer. Confirm to settle on the video capture card wisely.

Step 3: Connecting HDMI & PS4 with Capture Card:

In this step, you would like to attach the video capture card with the PS4 console. You would like a bi-directional HDMI wire too, which can help to form the connection between the video capture card and PS4 by connecting HDMI-IN to the video card and HDMI-OUT to PS4.

Step 4: Enabling the Software:

Now you’ve got open the laptop software you have already installed to power up your PS4. The software will refer to PS4 then it’ll display it on your laptop screen. don’t forget to enable full-screen mode.

By following the steps listed above, you’ll be ready to achieve this goal seamlessly with excellent quality, but it’s a touch expensive.

For the people trying to find a cheap method for enjoying PS4 on a laptop, we’ve discussed another technique below!

2.Using the Built-in recording function of PS4:

PS4 has its built-in recording function, which will allow you to capture the sport on your laptop screen. Click the “share setting” then jump to “advanced setting” from where include the audio for the printed voice for gameplay.

Now you play the sport you’re willing to play. Follow the instructions vigilantly to play PS4 on laptop screens freed from cost.

3.OBS Recording Software:

This technique is a piece of cake. you’ll quickly follow it.

Firstly you would like to put in a PS4 remote play then connect it to your PS4. Then, you would like to open the OBS. Click on add a menu and choose “window capture option”, which can capture your gameplay on the laptop screen.

It is for an individual who has got to look out of his wallet because it may be a rock bottom method, but the results are excellent.

4.Using Remote Play:

You can stream your PS4 gameplay on Windows also as Mac laptops. Following are the wants that you need to meet for streaming PS4 on your computer:

  • Laptop
  • PS4 system
  • USB cable or DUALSHOCK 4 USB wireless adaptor
  • An Account on PlayStation Network
  • High-Speed Internet connection

Another important thing that ought to know is that there must be an LCD at your home, albeit you would like the streaming on your laptop because one got to change several settings inside PS4.

Step 1:

Go to the Sony Remote Play application site and download the initial recent form application for your laptop, Windows, or Mac. Through this application, you will have the choice to stream your gameplay on your laptop screen.

Step 2:

Enact one among your PS4 as a primary console. For this, turn your PS4 on and go the settings and afterward head towards PS Network settings > account the board, where you’ve got to get Activate as Primary PS4 and enable it. Additionally, you want to update your PS4 software to three .50.

Step 3:

The next step is to enable the PS4 remote option. Visit the settings, select remote play connection settings, which can power up PS4.

Step 4:

In this step, you’ve got to activate the remainder mode. Although this mode is typically activated, it’s a fair practice to see it. Now you’ll start the PS4 from the network for streaming gameplay on the laptop.

Step 5:

On your laptop, open the remote play app and click on the settings located on the highest left corner, from where you’ll make several changes like frame rates, resolution, and frequency.

Step 6:

To connect the controller to a USB cable or DUALSHOCK 4 wireless USB adaptor is required.

Follow these steps to connect the wireless controller:

  • Firstly, push the Share and circular PlayStation buttons on the controller until the sunshine bar starts flashing.
  • Now you’ve got to connect the USB adapter into your laptop and hold it during a pushing position for a minimum of 3-4 seconds, and here you go, your controller would get paired within seconds!

Step 7:

Finally, the last step, during this step, you’ve got to click the beginning option. After logging in, the app will search for the PS4 option, which can ultimately lead you to PS4’S home screen to enjoy your PS4 games on the laptop.

this method is straightforward to follow

You can choose any of the above mentioned four methods consistent with your feasibility.

Follow all the instructions carefully, folks. I hope you’d not face any problem if you’ve got followed the instructions step by step. If you’ve got any queries associated with playing PS4 on your laptop using HDMI, you’ll invite the comment section below. we’ll be answering your questions as soon as we receive them.

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