PUBG lag when shooting: cause of the problem?

Today you’ll get detailed information about PUBG lag when shooting: cause of the problem? During this article. Suppose you would like to become a professional player so that you must read this text carefully and apply these techniques in your game.

Many PUBG players experience the phenomenon that a lower frame rate in Playerunknown Battlefields causes less vertical recoil, meaningless upward deformation of the fired weapon.

It successively is said to a lower firing rate thanks to the lower frame rate. Therefore the issue only affects fully automatic weapons like assault rifles and submachine guns.

PUBG Shooting delay or PUBG lag when shooting: cause of the problem?

Therefore, the calculation of ballistic effects in PUBG seems to be associated with the frame rate. In contrast, the shooting speed calculation is more accurate if both values are as synchronous as possible.

The AKM assault gun must be partially excluded from this problem, but it’s measured accurately at 30 or 60 FPS and only shows up to 71 FPS, for instance, as long as it’s synchronized with round AKM shot frequency for 0.1 seconds. It’ll be done.

As a result, PUBG players have a specific disadvantage therein. They often have fluctuating FPS values, making it challenging to predict weapon behavior.

it could be countered by reduced graphics detail or more powerful hardware if developers do not answer . to enhance bug fixes and increased transparency, the creators launched a campaign called “Fix the Game!” Last year.

However, this problem doesn’t ask delay especially, but many players mistakenly identify this problem as delay, when incorrect shots are only the symptom of a suboptimally designed game mechanism.

If you recognize that the matter above is yours, you’ll make sure that your computer or laptop’s web connection isn’t delayed. All you’ll do is await the matter until it’s resolved or set the graphic details on PUBG to a lower value.

What else could cause a delay in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)?

Why am I just falling behind in online / LAN games?

It is impossible to delay in single-player mode. It is often just because of the delay leads to slow data traffic between multiple PCs and a server. So your PC is communicating with third parties. It is often not the case with the single-player mode, so it can’t be delayed.

What do the delay and ping value in PUBG have in common?

The ping value indicates how long a packet of knowledge takes from the PC to the server in milliseconds. In most cases, this value is within the lower two-digit range. Sometimes, however, it can rise to much higher values.

With a ping of 500, the delay of packets from you to the server is, therefore, 0.5 seconds. The traditional reaction time of a person’s being is merely 0.3 seconds.

How does the delay itself?

Nothing else happens during the slowdown of knowledge transfer to and from the server with considerable latencies, losing your time.

A data packet is shipped from the PC to the server. The server successively responds to it. If a second PC is now connected to the server but receives much faster data packets, this may have a “delayed” effect.

How do I do know if I’m late for PUBG?

In itself, there are only two possibilities. You notice it directly when you’re late. Otherwise, you won’t notice it for an extended time. one among the simplest indicators is that the ping value,

which you’ll read directly in-game in most online games. It’s generally a player’s point ranking organization. If possible, this value shouldn’t exceed 100 ms far and away.

Another “delay detection” option is out there directly within the game. If your fellow players can “teleport” piece by piece and you’ll see enemy bullets flying, this is often an honest indication for a late PC.

How am I able to avoid delay in PUBG? Five tips to stay in mind.

Many various factors influence the transfer speed from the server to your gaming computer or laptop.

it means that there are various sources of interference and also optimization possibilities to determine a faster connection between the said game server and your gaming computer or laptop:

  • If possible, confirm you are the only one that is currently using the network. Downloading YouTube or streaming music to other PCs can hurt your ping and may delay the time it takes to send data packets.
  • Check if your firewall or antivirus program is involved in the delays. Sometimes the firewall may block traffic slightly as these programs analyze and filter network traffic entering and leaving the pc.
  • Play only on servers with which you’ve got an honest connection. When trying to find servers within the game, you’ll usually be notified of the ping values beforehand. Otherwise: choose a server on the continent where you’re. PUBG offers a good range of servers worldwide. Of course, if your friends play on another continent, this will be a drag.
  • Check the traffic management of your router. Mainly if many of us use an equivalent Internet connection, delays can occur. For instance, it’s possible to configure specific traffic (for example, through game ports) to receive preferential treatment.
  • Check for Updates: Exit PUBG again and check the launcher to ascertain if an update is out there. Running an older version can often cause delays, as an older version isn’t compatible with other player versions.

These are the most culprits for the delay, but many other causes often cause the delay. Here you’ll find the less frequent causes of the matter, but they’re still widespread:

  1. Check your internet connection – check if your website is loading at an average speed. You’ll also run a further ping test through the Windows console (cmd) to verify general ping times. Restart the router if necessary.
  2. Check your computer – find other programs running within the background, which will consume tons of power and CPU and shut them. It’s especially important to see if you’re downloading another program. Clean your PC with CCleaner.
  3. Overloaded server: Overloaded PUBG servers also can cause delays. During this case, there’s nothing else you’ll do. Wait for a flash and check out to play a replacement round later.
  4. Select the right server region – Verify that you have selected the right server region within the PUBG settings. For an optimal gaming experience and short ping times, you should choose a neighborhood closest to your location. For Germany, this can be the ECU region.
  5. Tip: restart your computer and just run the sport. It may ensure optimal resource availability for PUBG, while other unnecessary processes and programs won’t run.

Reduce PUBG lag by creating an optimal environment:

PUBG lag when shooting: cause of the problem?

But there are many other belongings you can do to make an optimal charm, during a technical sense, to enhance the gaming experience in PUBG and avoid delays within the game.

First tip: use a LAN cable

LAN cable PUBG

If you employ your Wifi connection to play online, the culprit for delays is often found here.

It is because employing a WLAN or Wifi network; despite a high-speed Internet connection, data transfer is far slower. Therefore, the latency is above when employing a direct cable connection.

Therefore, obtain a traditional network cable from an electronics store and connect it to the console or PC and router. With this chicken feed on your own, you’ll double your internet speed and significantly reduce your ping. You’ll immediately notice the difference!

Tip two: open the ports of the router

Ports of the PUBG router

In modern routers, port sharing is already automatic, but many applications and games require additional protocols, which must be configured manually within the router settings.

It mainly affects the NAT type for a few games; an open NAT type would be ideal.

However, by enabling the ports within the router settings, the respective games get all the server access they have for a smooth online experience. You’ll find detailed instructions on the sport developers’ websites.

Third tip: avoid delays using cables rather than wireless

If you play with a controller, keyboard, or mouse that communicates via Bluetooth, there can often be a small input delay when playing quick games.

To avoid this, professional gamers always recommend using wired devices. It minimizes input lag and provides you a decisive advantage in any online game.

How to increase FPS on Playerunknown battlefield?

FPS on Player’s unknown battlegrounds can sometimes go pretty bad, and therefore the delay is potentially lethal in-game and features a negative impact on the gaming experience.

The tricks we show you here can increase your FPS in PUBG; however, we cannot guarantee what proportion you’ll increase FPS because it depends on many individual factors. Here are the items you’ll do to extend FPS in PUBG.

  • You can first adjust the 3D settings of the corresponding graphics card.
  • To do this, attend the instrument panel of the graphics card.
  • Then click on “Manage 3D Settings”.
  • Here you’ll now choose from specific “Global settings” and “Program settings.” Select the last one.
  • With a click on “Add,” you’ll now add Playunknown Battlegrounds. “TslGame” should appear within the list of programs, search for the sports logo.
  • Now you’ll adjust the settings of the respective functions. Here you would like to line the most straightforward performance everywhere and not what might sound better.
  • The program provides an entire explanation of every function, so you’ll quickly find and choose a simple configuration.
  • You’ll need to try a touch for some functions because not all systems work an equivalent or worse. Therefore, launch the sport from time to time to check the settings.
  • In addition to the present step, you’ll enter a startup parameter for the sport on Steam. It will also increase performance.
  • You can access the properties by right-clicking on the sport within the Steam library.
  • Directly on the primary tab, you’ll find the “Set startup options” settings. There you enter the parameter “-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc = system -sm4”, obviously without quotes.

Hopefully, these cheats will assist you to boost your FPS in PUBG and reduce lag. So now you’ve got no more excuses because you usually die very early.

Thank you!

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